Collaboration Experience

We are now in Week 7 of the semester and midterms are right around the corner. Tutoring wise, things have slowed down this week for me. We just got back from our short break for Indigenous Peoples Day, and it has been a slow start coming back. The past week and a half or so, I have had the pleasure of working with the marketing intern from the SSS to create advertising for the #whyiwrite event happening on campus for the National Day on Writing next week. I was nervous at first, but also excited. I hadn’t really worked with anyone yet in my internship, so I was excited to work with another intern. I was nervous, though, because I wasn’t really sure where to start. We were both given the information needed for the ads, and so I decided to reach out to the other Intern via email to discuss meeting up to plan!

Unfortunately, this proved harder than I anticipated. Both of our schedules seemed to fall almost opposite each other because of our jobs and class schedules, so we resorted to continuing communication through email. Sometimes, that’s just how life is, and scheduling can be difficult. Although I do wish I could have gotten the opportunity to meet them in person, I found the experience to be really great. They answered almost instantly with each email, and we bounced ideas off of each other easily. Because we could not schedule an in person meeting, I created a sample ad to begin planning and asked for their opinion. This is how the designing process went for us. We ended up with our finished Instagram post and poster design. We designed them to look similar to each other, as one person made the online post, and the other created the poster. We used the same shapes, similar fonts, and similar graphics to match each other. I will be printing the posters and bringing them to housing to hang in residence halls!

Overall, it was a very good experience, but here is my advice to anyone reading and for future Interns: Don’t let scheduling conflicts stop you! It can be difficult when schedules don’t match up, but we live in a world where we have other ways to meet like Zoom or email. Don’t let it frustrate you. Take a deep breath and think about your options. It’ll work out somehow; we made it work, and got a beautiful finished product and experience working with others.

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